Working with Wool

Sheep-shearing & Felt-making

Saturday 20th May

A day of demonstrations and exhibitions at sheep-shearing time!

DSC_8093Shearing will take place during the end of May when we will be shearing our six rare breed rams – among them, Jupiter the Jacob and Boris the Badger-faced! The different breeds mean the fleeces vary considerably and have different uses.

We’ll be joined by local felt-makers from the International Felt-Makers Association who will demonstrate the magical process of turning wool fibre into woollen cloth using some of the wool from the breeds of sheep that you see at Green Dragon.

Through their demonstrations and exhibition, sheepCushionOsthe visiting textile artists will show the amazing diversity of felt today, from fine art pictures to fine lace like scarves and functional 3D items that can be both decorative and sculptural.

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Shearing times: 11am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm

Exhibition: 11am to 4pm

For more details:
01296 670444