Thirty-eight years ago, owner Ray Marzec, dreamed of having a rare breeds’ farm. It seemed a long way off then and was only made possible by his vision, persistence and hard work. In 2002, Ray bought the site at Hogshaw, in Buckinghamshire and started converting three old barns into dwellings in order to fund his big project – Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre.

Along with his passion for conservation of rare breed farm animals, Ray also has a keen interest in food, art, sustainable living and the natural world, and as his plan evolved, he sought to bring all these together. Ray’s dream of a rare breeds farm became the vision of a showcase – not just of conservation of endangered farm animals, but of good locally sourced food, heritage fruit and veg, renewable energy systems, waste prevention, and conservation of wildlife. He envisaged a place where people with similar passions could come together for education as well as enjoyment.

in 2011, Ray teamed up with Lesley Maddox, Operations Manager, and a year later, with planning permission granted, it seemed that Ray’s dream was becoming a reality and the project to set up the Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre began.