20% off Annual Passes – Covid-19 Support

We’ve extended our April offer until the end of June!

Sadly due to COVID-19 we have had to temporarily close our doors to visitors. We rely heavily on our visitors to stay afloat financially. Although we are closed right now, we would appreciate it if our visitors purchase an Annual Pass now to help keep our animals fed. Your pass will last for 12 months from when we reopen! Buy now and save 20%! That means an individual pass will cost £46.40 instead of £58, and a plus one pass will be just £88 instead of £110.


Terms & Conditions – 20% Discount

Application Form – 20% Discount (fillable Word doc, ideal for PCs and most Android devices)
Application Form – 20% Discount (fillable PDF, ideal for iOS mobile devices)

Please read the Terms & Conditions above before filling in and signing the Application Form (you are fine by doing this digitally) and return it back to info@greendragonecofarm.co.uk with a recent photo of the passholder/s.

The standard start date of the Annual Pass will be the day of our re-opening, but a different date can be arranged if you want it to (for example if the pass is purchased for a toddler who is yet to turn to 2 at the day of our re-opening, or if it is a gift in general for a birthday or other event).

Once you have returned the application form, we will get in touch via phone to arrange payment. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours for us to do so, as the office isn’t staffed every day during this crisis.

Click here to read more about Annual Passes!


Any queries, please email us: info@greendragonecofarm.co.uk

Purchase before 30th June 2020 to receive 20% off our usual Annual Pass prices.