Fundraising Now for Wildlife Zone 2018

Here at Green Dragon we’re planning to build a British & European Wildlife Nature Reserve, to be opened in July 2018.

Many of these species are endangered and losing their natural habitats, and although these extraordinary animals originated from our regions, and can still live amongst us, many of us don’t know about their behaviours and how we can help protect them so they can continue to thrive in our countryside.

Our new Wildlife Reserve will promote the conservation of these animals through education and interactive encounters. Our goal is to educate 250,000 children by 2023.  We’re doing this by building on our existing Children’s Partnership Programme with schools and the national curriculum outdoor programme, with the Scouting and Girl Guide organisations, and by developing our existing network of children’s charities designed to give some of the least advantaged children experiences of the outdoors that they would otherwise not have.

This project builds on our values of conservation, sustainability and healthier lifestyles, inspiring people to enjoy the great outdoors and the countryside through recreation and social play. Our Farm Park opened in 2014 and nestles in 45 acres of rolling Buckinghamshire countryside, just 40 miles outside London.  We have large collections of rare-breed farm animals and pets, plus orchards and walled gardens where we grow the produce served in our cafes, and outdoor play facilities and activities.

The central building has been designed to enable indoor viewing and teaching space, with the enclosures and aviaries also viewable from outside. There will be an outdoor display lawn where demonstrations and flying displays can take place, encouraging the natural behaviours of the animals and enabling visitor participation. Interpretation boards will give information about each species, their link to UK native habitats and how conservation can help them in the wild.


Creating a dedicated British Wildlife Zone is a unique and ambitious new development for a British farm park, and we need your support to help make it happen.  Three acres of the site will be given over to extra-large enclosures rarely seen in zoos or wildlife parks, where responsibly-sourced animals will be housed in naturalistic surroundings.  It’s our goal to promote the conservation of some amazing British wildlife, from birds of prey such as the barn owl, eagle owl and the golden eagle, to mammals including red foxes, red squirrels and species of deer and reindeer.

As well as the wildlife, we’re investing in children –  creating something that will benefit all our communities. We want to inspire future generations about our countryside and give them positive messages about what we can all do for conservation. We’d be so grateful if you can be part of it. Thank you.

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