Explore the Nature Trail

A trail around the perimeter of the farm taking in the Wildflower Meadow.

Photos: Wildflower, kestrels

At Green Dragon we’re passionate about the care and conservation of the countryside and the natural world, bringing together rare breed conservation and farming for wildlife in a way that both can benefit. On buying the land in 2002, first steps were to restore the natural environment that had been destroyed by years of intensive farming and creating the Nature Trail was a priority.

Our forty-four acre site consists mostly of grassland which is used for grazing and haymaking and the Nature Trail takes visitors around the boundary. Thanks to clearance of invasive species and additional planting to increase bio-diversity, the mile-long trail now consists of enhanced hedgerows and mature and newly planted trees, the Wildflower Meadow, bird and bat boxes, bug-hotels, bird feeders and interpretation signage.

There are Green Dragon Explorer Backpacks available for visitors to hire at Reception that include activities and equipment for use on the Nature Trail. For schools, there are various Nature Trail activities that cover curriculum topics, such as Habitats and Seasons. For more details, go to Curriculum Links.

Green Dragon Bird Survey 2014 – 2017

Our Bird Survey, carried out by volunteers, Ian and Judith Hadgkiss, has seen a considerable increase in species visiting the site. This year has seen our Kestrel box in use with the result of three kestrel fledglings to add to the ever-increasing bird population. For more details, go to Green Dragon Bird Survey.

Future Plans

Plans for the future are to continue to conserve the site whilst educating the visiting public, schools and groups. These include the Wildlife Zone coming in 2018 and developing areas not yet open, such as the wildlife pond.