Green Dragon Education

Our educational offer includes learning opportunities for all our visitors that have a strong connection with our land, its nature and wildlife, food and farming and a sustainable future. We have a rich diversity of environmental and ecological resources on the farm and make full and varied use of these wherever possible, whilst also safeguarding their future.

Our belief is that learning through first-hand experience, learning by doing, exploration and play is essential if we are to inspire and educate our visitors so they understand and value the countryside and natural world and make changes to their own lives for improved health and well-being.

Our offer is the use of an environment that can complement formal learning and will encourage first-hand exploration, a hands-on approach to learning that encompasses a broad range of topics. There is easy access to a wide-range of high-quality educational resources and activities to complement outdoor visits. ‘Education’ is used in the broadest sense, not purely aimed at schools or children, but to include learning opportunities for all our visitors.

Our aim is to strengthen the link and understanding between people and the rural environment, by promoting an understanding of farming, food production and the outdoors and as a tool for health and well-being.

Education is a priority when it comes to conserving rare breeds, wildlife and our environment. We encourage learning through education and active participation in a safe, fun and enjoyable way.

Reconnecting people with nature and wildlife is important to us and we create opportunities for this in a way that visitors will be inspired to value the environment and to care about conservation.

We promote visits to the countryside and contribute to creating awareness of the opportunities in the countryside for employment, leisure and social activities that are important to our health and well-being.

Curriculum Links

All of our sessions for schools are designed with strong National Curriculum links and have holistic child development at their heart. Our sessions for Early Years are designed to meet the Early Learning Goals whilst sessions for Key Stages One and Two meet the learning objectives of a variety of subjects with many of our sessions being cross-curricular including science, geography, design and technology, PE, literacy and numeracy.

It’s fascinating to learn about The Green Dragon Eco Farm’s outdoor learning programme and how many schools are getting involved. I applaud their target to reach 250,000 young people and offer them outdoor learning experiences by 2023, and I wish them every success. I’m backing their #Crowdfunding4Wildlife campaign and urge you to support this great cause.

John Bercow, MP for Buckingham