May Half-Term Fun on the Farm!

25th May to 2nd June 2019

By the halfterm holiday, the weather will be warm enough for the Green Dragon babies to leave the Animal Barn, where they were born, and venture outside. Visitors will love seeing the lambs and goat kids playing in the paddocks while their mothers graze on the lush Spring grass.


As usual there’ll be a full programme of animal encounters, from the cute and cuddly to the cold-blooded. And for those visitors who want something special, there are exclusive, hands-on experiences led by one of our trained livestock team where visitors can get close to animals. These popular 30 minute sessions can be tailor-made to suit visitors of all ages and need to be booked in advance.

Daily Programme of Animal Encounters (25th May – 2nd June)

11:00Donkey GroomingAnimal Barn
11:30Lamb EncounterAnimal Barn
11:30Red Squirrel & Polecat Feed & TalkWildlife Zone Hub
12:00Fox Feed & TalkWildlife Zone - Fox Habitat
12:00Giant Rabbit EncounterPets Corner
12:30Reindeer Feed & TalkWildlife Zone - Reindeer Paddock
12:30Meet the Goat KidsAnimal Barn
13:00Lamb EncounterAnimal Barn
13:00Reptile EncounterPets Corner
14:00Pygmy Goat Feed & TalkPygmy Goat Paddock
14:00Undercover Flying Display & Bird EncounterWildlife Zone Hub
14:30Ferret & Friends EncounterPets Corner
14:30Golden Eagle Feed & TalkWildlife Zone - Eagle Habitat
15:00Wallaby Feed & TalkWildlife Zone - Wallaby Paddock
15:00Donkey GroomingDonkey Paddock
15:30Lamb EncounterAnimal Barn
15:30Minibeasts EncounterPets Corner
16:00Meet the Goat KidsAnimal Barn

Spring Bank Holiday – 27th May – Working with Wool Day

A family day of demonstrations and exhibitions at sheep-shearing time! As the weather gets warmer during May, our rare breed sheep no longer need their fleecy coats and it’s time for shearing. This includes shearing the six rare breed rams – among them, Jupiter the Jacob and Boris the Badger-faced!

As well as shearing demos from the Sheep Show, there’ll be local textile artists displaying their work, demonstrations of felting, knitting and spinning and the opportunity for visitors to have a go! For more details go to Working with Wool Day.