Private Animal Experiences

Enhance your visit to Green Dragon with a Private Encounter!

Private Encounters

25 minute sessions for £25 – all ages (Children will need to be accompanied by an adult)

These popular experiences can be tailor-made to suit visitors of all ages. They are exclusive, hands-on experiences led by one of our trained livestock team where visitors can get close to an animal of their choice.

Typically you can choose one of the following animals: goats, ferrets, reptiles. Other animals may be possible, let us know your favourite and we’ll see what we can do!

Bespoke Private Encounters

40 minute sessions for £50 – all ages (Children will need to be accompanied by an adult)

These exclusive and bespoke experiences usually take place in the Wildlife Zone as the animals in the zone are more specialised and  need more expert handling,

This is an exciting opportunity for the visitor to really get involved with an animal with the guidance of one of our expert staff, eg.  walking the reindeer, feeding the wallabies, flying an owl or training the silver fox!

Advanced booking is required. Farm admission applies: Adults £10.50, Child £9.50.

Please contact us for more information or to book at or ring 01296 670444.


Farmer for a Day

(7 to 11 years)

Farmer for a Day is a three-hour experience in the company of a livestock team member and costs £75 per child with an accompanying adult. It involves feeding, grooming and cleaning out various farm animals and pets, learning how to handle and care for them.

Activities include giving the goats enrichment, preparing afternoon diets, encounters with exotic pets and collect eggs when available.

For more details about the schedule and other information, go to Farmer for a Day.

Ranger for a Day

(10 years + )

When our Wildlife Zone opened on 1st August 2018,  we introduced the Ranger for a Day experience, which enables visitors to come into close contact with our wild animals.

Ranger for a Day is a three-hour experience in the company of one of our wildlife experts and costs £75 per child with an accompanying adult.   Rangers learn how to handle and care for the animals, such as walking the reindeer,  feeding the foxes, cleaning out the wallabies. Please note these activities are always subject to health and safety and change.

For more details and a sample schedule go to Ranger for a Day.

Farmer & Ranger for a Day - Dates for 2020

 Farmer For a DayWildlife Ranger for a Day
Summer HolidayWednesday 18th AugustFriday 27th August
These sessions are for a maximum of 4 persons (children should be accompanied by an adult).
Please go email or ring 01296 670444 to book.

Green Dragon Roadshow

With our new outreach programme, we can bring all the fun and fascination of the farm to your door, whether a school, group or birthday party. The roadshow of animals now includes some of the new exotic pets so there is a wide variety to choose from. These sessions are exclusively designed according to requirements, led by one of the livestock team. With their expertise and knowledge, the friendly staff create an informative, fun experience for everyone to enjoy – at visitors’ convenience. Find out more here.

Can’t decide?

Looking to buy an experience as a gift but can’t decide which one? You can always buy a Gift Voucher for any value – just get in touch!

For enquiries about our tailor-made private encounters, Farmer/Ranger for a Day and roadshow, please email or ring 01296 670444.