‘Love Your Pets’ February Half-Term 2020


Celebrating Pets at Green Dragon

15th TO 23rd FEBRUARY 2020

Over February Half-term, Green Dragon Eco Farm invites you to celebrate their animals for ‘Love Your Pets’ week.

Year round, Green Dragon embraces all the animals in its care, from the rare breeds farm animals to those in the Wildlife Zone. And those in Pets’ Corner – a variety of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and small mammals – will be the stars of Half-Term with the Farm’s special ‘Love Your Pets’ theme.

Hands-on Encounters

Animal Enrichment

There’ll be a jam-packed programme of activities providing fun and informative interaction with some of the animals, such as hands-on encounters and pet workshops. There will also be a quiz trail around the Farm – fun for all the family.


Feathered and Furry

Stick Insect

From the feathered and furry to the cold-blooded, there’ll be something for every age. Little ones will be fascinated by rabbits, guinea pigs and skunks, while older children and adult visitors will be excited by the exotics – snakes, stick-insects, lizards, cockroaches and poison-dart frogs to name just a few. Not forgetting the ‘non-pets’, the animals of the Wildlife Zone – birds of prey, lynx, foxes, red squirrels, and more can be visited by the guests.


Special Guests

Plus, at the end of the week, visitors will be able to enjoy appearances from some special guests!

Meet the Snow Sisters and their Ice Harvester friend for lots of warm hugs on Saturday 22nd, and on Sunday 23rd, come meet a dynamic duo of heroes for lots of super fun!

‘Love your Pets’ Half-term Programme

If you want to find when and where the various encounters, Q&A sessions and workshop are being held through out the week, go to our ‘Love your Pets’ Half-term Daily Programme

For more details….

  • events@greendragonecofarm.co.uk
  • 01296 670444