Wild Bird Surveys

Wild Bird Surveys were carried out on the Green Dragon site from 2014 to 2018 giving an overall picture of the species seen on site during that period.

The purpose of this survey was to monitor population trends and was prompted by the Government Farmland Bird Indicator List (1970 to 2007) which showed some alarming falls in the numbers of certain species.

The survey was undertaken by local experts, Ian and Judith Hadgkiss, who made two to three site visits each month. Green Dragon would like to thank Ian and Judith for their support for the Farm Park project since it opened in 2014 and their enthusiasm for the wildlife on the Green Dragon site.


Yellow Hammer




Report Findings

Three year survey – 2014 to 2017

  • This makes a total of 66 species over the three year period. Of the 19 species listed on the Farmland Bird Indicator List 15 species have been recorded on site.
  • These statistics are excellent for a farmland site of this size and, of course, based on surveys two to three times a month, other species may have been missed. Some trends have been very encouraging such as the steady increase in the number of warblers seen each year, particularly Common Whitethroat, which are clearly breeding well on site.  Stonechat and Whinchat sitings are also on the increase.  The provision of a well placed nestbox in 2017 resulted in Kestrels breeding on site for the first time rearing four young. For more details, please go to Bird Survey 2014 – 2018.

Follow-up  Survey – 2018

The Chiff Chaff, Yellow Hammer and Meadow Pipit were among the farmland birds that frequented the Green Dragon site during the year. For more details, please go to Bird Survey 2018.


Excellent survey results show that with careful conservation management, wild birds can thrive in the farmland environment.

The custodians of this site should be applauded for their wildlife friendly approach and excellent countryside management.

Ian & Judith Hadgkiss